“Manny is amazing! I am a chiropractor and needed some renovations done in my office, and CCI did a great job. They were quick, professional, reasonably priced, and most importantly it looks unbelievable!!! I would recommend CCI to anyone that is looking to remodel. Couldn’t be happier with what they did for us!”
— Dr. Ben Gunn, Gunn Chiropractic


“I am very grateful for Climent Construction. Manny is amazing and he has assembled a great team to assist homeowners in their hour of need. I had a flood and Climent Construction did the rebuild and it looks fantastic. I highly recommend Climent to any and all homeowners or property owners who need disaster clean-up to re-modeling. Thank you!!!!”
— Nancy Cannon


“We first met Manny back in 2007 when he showed up to restore a water damaged bedroom and family room. A very easy going young man who did a good job efficiently. What more could you ask for? Recently, we decided our 50 year old plus kitchen needed remodeling, I called Manny for the destruction and general construction for not only the kitchen but also our living room. Now, as expected the job was done very well at a reasonable rate with no delays attributed to him. My wife is very pleased with the outcome and that makes me happy.”
— Jeffkay


“Maxim Tile has been doing tile installation for Climent Construction for a few years now. They know how to run a job. They allow the communication to flow from the client to the sub without over managing. This lets us as a sub-contractor the ability to do what we do best, giving the clients a space that they want and will use. Manny will call us at the demolition stage of the job so we can get the clients ideas and wants and get the tile aspect moving forward so when the job is at tile stage the job moves smoothly and continuously. We enjoy working with Climent Construction and will continue to serve their clients to our utmost ability.”
— Mike Kunz, Owner, Maxim Tile


YAY for Climent Construction! I used my brand new renovated bathroom/shower this morning for the first time, and I love it. Thank you for the hard work, being on time, being on budget and ever so patient with all of my changes.. Can’t wait for work in the kitchen to begin this summer. Added 8/18 – Kitchen is complete and it’s gorgeous! Again, lots of changes that were handled in stride with professionalism and patience. Could not have asked for more.
— susanlib


Whether you’re looking to have work done on your home, been unfortunate to have a flood, fire, or need any other type of work done on your home, Climent Construction Inc. continues to stand by there company slogan of integrity, “Do what you say when you say you’re going to do it”. They do honest great quality work, always looks out for the best interest of there clients along with 100% customer satisfaction,
— Kris C.


I have worked with Manny with Climent Construction for about a year now and I have seen the progress of his jobs go smoothly and in a very timely manner. He uses the best sub contactors out there in the field and he makes sure that the job is done right for his customers. I would highly recommend Climent Construction for any of your construction projects.
— kmjohnstun


Manny is a fantastic person and gets the job done right. I have know Manny for many years and know he is a person of integrity. You can trust him to work quickly and do high quality work.
— Ryan Tuttle


I had Cilment construction complete a home addition at my home and they did an amazing job. We were on a tight budget, and a fast paced schedule and they performed better than I could have ever expected. I would use them for any other projects and highly recommend them to friends and family.
— Damann024


Fantastic! I’ve used Climent Construction numerous times for all different kinds of projects and have alway been satisfied with the results.
— DanCascade


We had a fire 2 years ago, and climent construction rebuilt our home. They were wonderful-they even made some changes to make it our dream home. Their workmanship and professionalism were first rate. They are very prompt, reliable, and above all honest. I will always be greatful to them and highly recommend them. I continue to call them for my home repairs and projects because i know they will be fair, do a great job, and are completely trustworthy.
— raiden


For the past year Manny and the crew at CCI have handled our rebuild side of Fire and Flood Disasters and we have been more than pleased at the quality of work and communication they have displayed. The first fire rebuild they performed for us was completed within 4 months. The insurance adjuster told the home owners they would be out for 6 to 9 months. The quality exceeded the home owners, insurance company, and our expectations. Manny is well organized and keeps projects moving forward, even when there are several projects taking place. We will continue to call upon Manny and his crew because they have assisted in strengthening the ServiceMaster of Salt Lake reputation as a Disaster Restoration company. We are more than happy to refer him to home owners in need of any type of construction work. Working hand in hand with CCI has made the transition from mitigation services to rebuild services a breeze. Projects go smooth. Issues are quickly addressed and resolved. Our 30 years in the Disaster Restoration industry speaks for itself. We have been around the block a time or two. We have worked with several disaster restoration and construction rebuild companies and Manny and his crew truly stand out as one of the best!
— servicemastercleans


Manny is the best! My husband and I started are own DYI basement project. We got in over are heads, we called Manny at Climent Construction. He came and gave us a bid and was able to start the next day. His crew fixed everything we did wrong and made it better then our original plans. No more DYI for us. Leave it to the professionals.

Thank you for fixing our project. We are telling everyone we know about you.
— NellyB


Climent Construction Inc, they helped us on the rebuild of our home that caught fire, during this traumatic time they was very efficient fast & friendly and very accommodating.
— climent


To Whom It May Concern:

Manny Climent was the main subcontractor on the reconstruction of our home after a fire from Sept. 2009 till July 2010. Our family has built two houses in the last 20 years, previous to this reconstruction, but I have never worked with a more talented, hard worker than Manny Climent.

I was continually impressed by the quality of his craftsmanship and the many things he knew how to do! He practically single handedly did most of the reconstruction of our home. I was often amazed when I came home from work, with how much he had gotten done in one day. From rough carpentry to finish carpentry, to roof repairs and painting- he knew how to do it all, and did it well. What impressed me most however was how he would listen to my ideas, and he was willing to make changes to the original plan to make us happy. He actually rebuilt our bathroom wall and pantry three times, and never complained about it.

He has a great work ethic and integrity. Manny generally worked by himself, but I never saw him wasting time. At the end of our job, I asked him to do a side project, and did not hesitate paying cash in advance because I knew he would get the job done as agreed.

I would recommend Manny Climent highly for any job available, He is very good at construction, and is honest, hard working and dependable.

Please call me if you have any questions, or need more information.


Mrs. Raiden Gaul

124 South 350 East
Orem, Utah 84058


Manny is the best handy man in town he takes care of all three of my shop and has done several projects for me and my employee’s. He does any size project and is very reasonable price and honest. The last project he did for us was a huge built onsite storage shed for all our incoming car parts, He also built us a shed for our very expensive compressor to keep it out of the elements.

We cant say enough about Climent Construction Inc.

Brian Nichols Co-Owner
Cascade Collision Repair


Scott Butler August 10, 2010
7282 Swan Hill Dr.
West Jordan, UT 84081-3988

Re: Climent Construction Inc.

To whom it may concern:

Having my house burn in an accidental fire was absolutely devastating. However, working with Manny Climent of Climent Construction Inc. made all the difference in the world. My house had the roof replaced and the entire upstairs was gutted and rebuilt. Manny did the majority of the work. He was always willing to explain what was going to happen next, when I could expect it to happen and took time to answer all of my questions. He is extremely easy to work with and get along with. I am happy to say, I am back in my house and it turned out better than it was before the fire.

Manny’s motto is “Doing what you say when you say you’re going to do it.” Well, that is exactly the way he works!! It’s nice to have a contractor that you can trust to follow through on every aspect and detail of the job. And his work is outstanding!!

I would HIGHLY recommend that whatever project you are considering, if you want the job done right, on time and as expected, look no further than Climent Construction Inc. You’ll be glad you did!

Scott Butler


From: Bruce Grant [bxgrant@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 1:15 PM
To: climentconstinc@comcast.net
Cc: Amy Grant
Subject: Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

Manny Climent helped us with a major remodel, working on our home for over six months. We’ve had negative experiences with many contractors and were very pleased to find that Manny was excellent to work with. We whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone because of his communication skills, technical ability, character and work ethic and would gladly accept a call to discuss why you should choose Manny for your project over other contractors: 801.369.9109 or 801.796.6478 – Bruce & Amy Grant.

Below you’ll find some of the reasons why we think so highly of Manny.

— Communication
In our experience with many contractors, the ability to communicate well is key to success with a contractor. Manny communicated with us freely and with ease, we always knew he’d understand us. Also, Manny didn’t shy away from saying what needed to be said. The only thing worse than bad news is hiding bad news and we’ve had contractors do that to us. His communication skills as much as anything led to a positive experience working with him.

— Technical Ability
Our home remodel involved tearing down two exterior walls and adding on a substantial amount of new home. Manny found creative solutions to the inevitable problems when remodeling that not only got the job done while letting us stay in the home but also in the least expensive way that didn’t compromise on quality.

— Character

Manny is a stand-up person in a way that matters for a contractor. You can’t know this unless you spend time creating a relationship with a person. We have spent that time. When dealing with money you have to know that you can trust someone. We trust Manny. Also, you can tell a lot about a contractor by the people the contractor brings along to help. Manny brought a man named Christian who, while not as experienced as Manny, shares many of the same characteristics: character, work ethic, attention to detail, communication, etc.

— Work Ethic
Manny worked quickly and methodically on the tasks of the project. After a period of months, we could get a sense for contractors who were just plodding along and those who really made a difference in getting the job done. You could also tell which contractors would postpone the nasty tasks that were physically demanding or not much fun. Manny tackled every task on the project head-on and knocked them out quickly and predictably.


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