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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Question #1


Q : How are your prices compared to other general contractors. 

A: We do all of the finish work, tile, and painting ourselves so we 

generally save clients at least 10-20% over other general contractors who

hire sub-contractors for everything. 

Customer Question #2


Q: Do you have a waiting list?

A: We do not have a waiting list because we are usually very fast at starting jobs and we are always up front about how long your job will take. We do not put our clients off like other contractors do, this is why we have a lot of returning clients. 

Customer Question #3


Q: What percentage to you add to the top? 

A: Most general contractors add around 15-20% onto the top of the job because they hire so many sub-contractors. We usually add about 8-10%, we can do this because we do so much of the work ourselves.